TWCI: January 11

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This week I was a wizard, found some Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwiches, and got some more Cyclops FX work in! Some shot breakdowns within followed by a cat crash. As always, like and subscribe on my YouTube to be notified… Read More »TWCI: January 11

TWCI: January 4

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My top movies of 2021 recapped here! Top o’ the class, next tier, and a couple honorable ment-shuns! What did you enjoy this past year in movies? As always, like and subscribe on my YouTube to be notified the second… Read More »TWCI: January 4

I got a Letterboxd

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That’s it. That’s the blog post. You can click that link right there and get taken away! Not adding old watches, just new starting in 2022 baby!

TWCI: November 23

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Mustache prank! I ambush my Zoom class and Juliette with a mustache and recorded the results! Also, working on a short from the King(s) of Rock’n’Roll cinematic universe, and looking to launch an actor’s collab group to start making stuff!… Read More »TWCI: November 23

TWCI: November 16

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It’s time for a Cyclops update using my new mic! Got our first rough cut out and plugging away at FX now! Sharing some actual edited content here for the first time! And lots of fun stills too, yehaw! As… Read More »TWCI: November 16

TWCI: November 9

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I got lost! And then it’s a Movie Check-In since it’s that time of the year! What are you going to see? Are you even going back to the theaters? Also: I debut my new THEME SONG! Wrote and recorded… Read More »TWCI: November 9

TWCI: November 1

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Zoom check in today! Sharing my zoom-recorded scene from Ready, Set, Bad! and the feedback and lessons learned from my Rob Spera class this week. Thanks Joshua and Martin! As always, like and subscribe on my YouTube to be notified… Read More »TWCI: November 1

TWCI: October 19

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It’s a Ready, Set, Bad! episode! I’ve started to cast it for…the eventual making of it into a new thing? Shout out to Rob Spera’s 5-Year Plan family! You’re the only reason there’s still yet hope for a RSB! reboot!… Read More »TWCI: October 19

TWCI: October 5

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Finished a thing! For an upcoming Good Goes Away video. Also want to write a theme song while Pseudomichael is here this weekend, and prepping my next short film! Anyone got any ideas? As always, like and subscribe on my YouTube… Read More »TWCI: October 5

TWCI: August 2

A short film based on audience pitches! SPECIAL THANKS: Andrew Rudd, Joel Manahan, Kevin Cray, Jeremy Cordy, and Leslie Ridings. I couldn’t pick just one, so I put all your ideas in a blender and made a scene from each… Read More »TWCI: August 2