My Idiot Horror Film

May 2, 2021

In 2019 I set out to write a creature feature horror comedy (with LOTS of gore) in hopes of making a movie my teen self would love as much as I loved Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive.

The result became IDIOT. My attempt at wrangling the story into a single sentence for a pitch is roughly:

A story about a troublesome high school dropout who heads up to Alaska after getting pregnant to crash at her estranged grandma's cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, the demons she wrestles with back home aren't just metaphors up here - they are REAL.

Eh, it's okay.

I get to bring back the creature from another dimension I used in Helter Skelter and Malarkey. The tennis-ball stick weapon comes back from some of my youth group shorts. And yes - it has a cyclops alchemist, which I really enjoy, and yes, this is why my next short is about a cyclops. I wanted to give it a practice round, and if it goes well and gets some attention, maybe I can get some producers on board to help me make the feature version here.

That being said, I'm giving it a polish this year and will be recording it as a podcast like Jim Cummings says to do:

The main idea here is as he says: who has time to read my 120-page screenplay? Not many. But who has time to listen to my entertainingly performed podcast? Many more!

I think it will be a blast to sound design this movie and get a cast to read it aloud, and it will be great practice to see how it plays, get feedback, and make it even better!

So I have a casting director pal who is going to help me gather the voice actors and give it a go! Stay tuned...