July Won

Six months have passed – 2015 is more than halfway over! Duh!

Recent top stuff of the year (so far):
Update on 2015 goals:
  • Detective Detective Detective is prob not going to Netflix unless you have $1000 for us + a connection to approve it, otherwise – YouTube and Vimeo and Torrent much? Coming in August!
  • TV pilot script is almost good to go casting with! Looking to start production end of July-ish, may take our time with this one. Been writing with Adam McCabe and gone great!
  • My new podcast will be called EXPOSITION. Episode one is written, just needs to be recorded and start the first “season” of life storybending.
  • Took wife camping for two days in Joshua Tree, loved it, great fires and cookout foods, but a bit windy and chilly desert at night. Looking to hit Big Bear woods camping later this summer.
  • Undertaken animation software lessons, bought a drawing tablet, and making progress on finishing a short animated film by end of summer, too!

April, Halftime

I used to blog a lot. But I don’t anymore. Miss me? Found some time on the train tonight, so:

Favorite stuff so far this year:
Current 2015 goals:
  • Release Detective Detective Detective on Netflix this summer
  • Shoot a TV pilot with my friends & hopefully get to co-direct with pseudomichael
  • Begin production on the first Sunrise Robot web TV series
  • Take my wife camping. She has never gone once in her entire life, but feels inspired finally after seeing Reese W. give it a go in Wild
  • Get back to France and Kenya ASAP

Up With The Dates

Well that was a nice little break from this ol’ soapbox. Glady I can say that it was because I was swamped with my own work, my own development, my own betterment. Seems every free moment I’ve had the past month has been pushing Ready, Set, Bad! to that seemingly unreachable next step: financing.

I spent a few weeks polishing the script, and by polish I mean more rewriting every single scene from head to toe. Some scenes and characters were lost, some new scenes and characters added, and by and large I feel it’s as good as it is going to get at this stage before actors would come on board and make it their own.

After I wrapped that up, I sent it out to a bunch of competitions and a few festivals in a flurry (they all seem to be due in April), and then wrote a spin-off/episode/origin story on a couple of the homeschooled runners. And THAT, my friends, will bring us up to date.

The spin-off is called The Benjamin & Shoops Saga and gives the backstory on his super-weirdo crush on his homeschooled neighbor and how they ended up joining the cross country team, or, rather, how Benjamin stalked his way onto the team because she was running and it turned out they needed more boy runners so he stuck around.

No Paul Runyan in that one, but I am glad to have already cast these two: Matthew Boehm and Kate Dauphin, both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of directing already in Paranormal World: Episode 2.

We are set to shoot on May the 4th, so we should have just enough time to pull together crew, locations, costumes, and props, what little of it there is. It was by design written with a zero budget in mind, shooting with natural light during the day in just a couple locations. Keep it simple when you have no money! I should come out of this one with just buying lunch and tossing a few bones to the cast and crew for their one day’s work.

What else? Juliette and I are going to France next month for Cannes Film Festival, that’s what! We got passes as “professional filmmakers” and will be taking in the glorious coast of the French Riviera with all the other millionaires premiering their latest works of art. Spectacular!

See you around.

Paris In The The Summer

Not much new to report lately – been working on my Loney character drawings and in the midst of rewrites on my Old Souls script, if anyone cared. I got some good feedback on my first draft of Old Souls and definitely feel I got a better grip on the characters this time around. I’ll go out to actors with the next draft and hope to collaborate with them on finding their voices in it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been steadily applying to a dozen or so jobs per week. I am very grateful for my job and that I can afford to live in LA and pay my bills, but I still would love to find something with some creativity involved.

In light of this search, there is another option to me that I am exploring in earnest: spending the summer in France and taking an immersion course in French for 2-3 months.

Crazy? Crazy awesome!

Hilariously enough, there are programs that allow FAFSA student loan use. As far deep in student loan debt I already am, what’s another $4,000 to spend a summer in Paris and get a much better grasp on my wife’s language? That would be a fraction of a percent, a drop in a bucket, a pebble from a mountain of what I’m already facing. AFI takes a lifetime to payoff.

If I don’t find a better gig here by this spring, I’d be glad to shoot over there. Plus, I might even be able to hang on to my current job (if I still have it then), as they are big pseudojustin fans and could just find a temp for me while I’m gone.

I guess that’s pretty cool. But first, let’s just find a real job, and make my movies.

Jobz & Moniez & Yellz

Applying for jobs again. A quick recap of 2012 with me and jobs: unemployed for 6 months, worked part-time at Apple retail for 3 months, now work full-time as a PA for a motion graphics company.

The pay is significantly lower than the last “Job” job I had in 2008. Less than half, actually. How did I ever manage that much money? How could I ever walk away?

Oh yeah. The soul-sucking.

I suppose today I would put up with the soul-sucking to better pay bills. Credit cards haven’t been usable (maxed) since the wedding funtivities last year. Hospital bills…HA HA HA let’s not even…So I get by with rent and utilities paid, a few movies and eat-outs here and there each month.

My job now is still soul-sucking, but probably only 30% as much as the well-paid one. I’d say Apple was the most soul-sucking job of the 3. There is nothing I would rather do less than pretend to be interested and nice to everyone and everything 100% of the day for 10 hours. And I am claiming my back/insides are weird and hurt now because of standing at that job for 3 months.

I do certainly miss the ability to “purchase” something. Like saving up for a new TV, game system, camera, sound equipment, software, computer, trip…

I just got myself back on the “applying for jobz every day” horse this week. I would estimate I have applied for about 400+ jobs this year. I have email records to prove it. Today I applied for an Assistant Editor job at a couple of post-houses that do trailers and web-videos.

I’m convinced there is job out there that would only work me 40 hours yet pay me better than the 50+ I work now. Getting home at 7:30 every night is growing tiresome — by the time I might be motivated to tackle some writing or creative project it’s 10pm and I’m falling asleep on the couch already.

I yelled at myself today. I was on an epic 3-hour delivery way up in the valley to deliver a hard drive, sighing again about not making movies. It went something like this:

“Justin, do you actually want to be a film writer/director? Really? Do you want it so badly you can’t spend a free moment NOT doing it? Why aren’t you getting up at 5am every day to write like every single successful screenwriter story ever? Why don’t you come home to write the second you walk in the door? Is storytelling not in your soul? Do you not have the bug? Do you not have what it takes? If that’s the case, then find something real to do other than movies. And hurry up. You will not be a 50-year-old PA. I thought you wanted to do something with your life? WRITE OR GET OUT. Stop stinking up the place.”

So I’m going give it a try. Tomorrow I am setting my alarm at 5am and seeing what happens. It’s the only time any writing will happen tomorrow because it’s 12-12-12!*

* – Juliette’s birthday! Woohoo!!!

Back from Holidaze; Get to Work!

Had a wonderful holiday in San Diego with 75% of the Edwards clan. Had grand ideas of Pseudobook podcasting again, breaking down my new script with sibs/parents input, editing episode 2 of Paranormal World, etc.

But none of that happened. And that’s okay. We played games, watched movies, enjoyed family, life, and love a bunch, shot some H-O-R-S-E hoops and took in some deep yoga breaths in the backyard San Diego sun! All were much needed.

Back in LA now, and back at work. Really feeling the push of my next script on my soul. Keep having dreams about some of the characters, too. Need to start putting pen to paper as it all starts bubbling to the surface. I’d like to make it in 2013 in time for a Sundance premiere in 2014. A guy’s gotta dream…

Into The Cold; Paranormal World #2

I was glad to get back in the directing chair for this one, my first real gig in a couple years! I think it turned out pretty nice, especially considering it was shot in one day on mere crumbs of a budget.

We had some really great talent on board for costumes and design, the actors were all pros, and Leslie Andrew Ridings (Producer, Cinematographer) was MVP, a fantastic collaborator.

Last weekend I directed the 2nd episode of Paranormal World, and was happy to work with Leslie again, as well as a team of 6 new actors (to me). It was another fun, rushed 1-day shoot. I’m getting my wife Juliette to edit it with me the next couple weeks in Avid. I’m a lifelong FCP guy, but I just learned Avid the past month and want to try it out!

Meanwhile, I’ve been breaking down my next screenplay, and am anxious to get writing again. I’ve also got another short film I’d like to get directing before the holiday break. Stay busy, keep creating, never stop!

We’re back. The Wizards are back.

No I am not envisioning myself as a “blogger” again by any means. This is more just a place to post what I’m doing creatively, since I seem to have been doing a better job of that lately. That being said, I reserve the right to say and do as I please here too. Why not.

It’s been a great year for Pseudobook. We won a cool award, published our ebook, shot a legit music video for Mike’s band, wrote a new festival-pleasing screenplay, got a new logo, and more. Altogether, more more more! Keep it up, PSEUDOBOOK!

PS – PSEUDOMICHAEL has revamped his place, too, just as I was about to do mine. Independent bro-thinking-simultaneously!