July Won

Six months have passed – 2015 is more than halfway over! Duh!

Recent top stuff of the year (so far):
Update on 2015 goals:
  • Detective Detective Detective is prob not going to Netflix unless you have $1000 for us + a connection to approve it, otherwise – YouTube and Vimeo and Torrent much? Coming in August!
  • TV pilot script is almost good to go casting with! Looking to start production end of July-ish, may take our time with this one. Been writing with Adam McCabe and gone great!
  • My new podcast will be called EXPOSITION. Episode one is written, just needs to be recorded and start the first “season” of life storybending.
  • Took wife camping for two days in Joshua Tree, loved it, great fires and cookout foods, but a bit windy and chilly desert at night. Looking to hit Big Bear woods camping later this summer.
  • Undertaken animation software lessons, bought a drawing tablet, and making progress on finishing a short animated film by end of summer, too!