DDD’s Next Steps & Showing Off The Animated Gif

We haven’t officially released a single frame of DDD until the above image. Technically it’s 24 frames of our film, but only at the river part of the picture. Ask me how to make an animated gif seamlessly loop like that if you’re curious. I couldn’t find anywhere online, so I had to discover it for myself. I should make a tutorial and post it somewhere.

Anyway. I’m not sure how to do the next couple steps for our feature film. It’s (mostly) done, and in the next few months we will have a proper premiere – whether at a lucky festival or hosting one ourselves here in LA. We’ll have a big LA party premiere regardless (probably in March or so if SXSW doesn’t dig it). We need that LA party in hopes of getting “friends of friends” and “people who know people” to come out. Maybe something could start rolling for us then…

So what do we need? We need a marketing plan, the teasing/building anticipation thing, the “creating buzz” or whatever. I’d love a Producer with capital P to come on board and show me those ropes. I imagine the first order of business is to get that premiere date, and then calendar backwards from there. There’s press releases, interviews on blogs/podcasts, releasing key stills and art from the film, make a teaser trailer, a real trailer, etc.

I’ve been half-brainstorming some viral marketing things to do also – weird fake behind-the-scenes videos with some of the strange characters in our film, stuff like that.

I want to do a short fake-doc on our hopes of getting one of those glass case costume displays for our movie at the Arclight. What a big deal that must be! I can see it now – my jeans and black turtle neck on a mannequin, dramatically lit – “Aw! The Game Master’s clothes from the actual shoot! Wow, Justin Edwards actually wore these on set! Crazy!” because that’s what I do at those displays.

Anyone got any other cool ideas? Seen any other viral campaigns that were cool and clever I could steal for us? Our goal: nothing short of getting a LEGO™ set and video game made about our movie. Sound reasonable?