The Fall Life


Hey pseudofans! It’s been a few weeks obviously. No worries. I’m still working my tail off pursuing these aforementioned creative endeavors.

For those in the dark, I went to Alaska in August and shot my first feature film (no offense, Ready, Set, Bad! – you’re getting a proper treatment next year!). It’s called Detective Detective Detective, and is already locked and shipping off to festivals. We still have some sound/color/music work to do, but festivals are cool with near-finished versions.

I had a blast, made some great new friends, and felt we did a good job being creative within our means. We basically took all the money we could find and used that to pay/feed everyone at my parents’ cabin in Alaska, then ran around, shooting the script my brother and I whipped together.

Quitting my job, selling my car, etc. has put some major financial strain on me since June – AKA I’m flat broke and can’t find a job to save my or anyone else’s life. But looking back, I have no regrets and I’d do it all over again.

In the meantime, since pseudo-wrapping on DDD, I’ve managed to finish that Shoops short I shot in May – remember that? It’s all good to go except for getting some original music in there. I have the talents of Dan Lyon from one of my favorite bands Traveling By Sea at work for me on those – and he has already sent me a handful of amazing demos. I can’t wait to share that with people and send it to a few festivals for some fun. It’d be cool to have a feature and a short in the same festivals!

So what’s next? Aside from pushing these two movies out there, I’m actually prepping my next short film which shoots in early December. My friends wrote it and asked me to direct, and I am happy to oblige. It’s a change of pace for me, too – a drama, dark, shocking, with a Coen Bros. vibe, we hope.

I’d still like to do that Old Souls script I wrote last year when I get back from holidays, as well as keep working on my animated short, Loney. Those should take me into festival season for DDD and Shoops, which I hope prove to be the springboard to get proper backing my next feature! Shew!

Meanwhile, don’t ever stop creating.