Shooting A Feature Film In 7 Weeks

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Hey quick update just so when potential cast, crew, and investors come check out my website they don’t see a silly cat video or old news at the top.

It’s true. I am directing a feature film. Very soon. 7 weeks from now production will have already started. I cannot wait. It’s what I’ve been sitting around on my ass all these years for.

Okay that’s not actually how it’s happening. No, it’s NOT sitting on my ass that is doing it.

Long story medium:

I went to Cannes. I was surrounded by film, film lovers, and film makers. There was this film marketplace with thousands of films looking for attention, distributors, etc. I thought, “Why don’t I have something to share yet? Why don’t I go home and make something to share? I have a voice, and I want people to hear it. Ah well. Like always, I’ll complain about how I’m not shooting features, go home, and another year will go by with me waiting for some guy to knock on my door with a million dollars.”

Fastforward two entire days, and I receive word that my parents are heading overseas for a couple weeks in August. I jokingly said, “Hey that’s great, maybe I’ll come up there and shoot a film at the cabin and housesit while you’re gone.”

Fastforward two entire hours, and I thought, “Wait. Why don’t I go up there and shoot a film at the cabin while their gone?”

Fastforward two entire minutes, and I had written a pitch to my brother to help me quickly write a small movie that takes place at the cabin with only 2-3 characters, because I was going to make a movie in Alaska at my parents cabin while they’re away.

Fastforward two entire weeks, and we’ve written it. And have already started casting it. And have crew on board to go shoot it, and some investors helping us pay for it. Oops!

I quit my job. I sold my car to pay my bills for a few months while I shoot it and edit it.

It’s all happening very fast, and actually using all the student loan abyss education of my producing Master’s degree from AFI. I’m producing it with the venerable Leslie Andrew Ridings under his Black Noise Industries banner, and all fingers are crossed that we get Matthew Nauser to shoot it for us – we had a wonderful experience on BENJAMIN & SHOOPS, and hope to have fun with a lot more time and a little more $.

The banner image above is a little teaser. The title is one of thousands we have tried. I happen to like this one! We’ll see if it sticks…

And maybe I’ll get to this more often as a production diary? But I don’t know, everything’s going so fast, and the next time you hear from me it may already be shot! Seat of our pants or go home!