Benjamin & Shoops


Last weekend I shot my short film BENJAMIN & SHOOPS. It’s a spinoff of the READY, SET, BAD! feature script I’ve been putting together this year. It’s set in the world of RSB and follows the exploits of the homeschooled Benjamin and his crush on his fellow homeschooled neighbor, Shoops.

The shoot went extremely well, and was beautifully shot. I was very happy to get my AFI classmate Matthew Nauser to shoot it for me. I worked with him a number of times while at AFI, and he was always one of my favorite cinematographers. We shot on his Sony FS-100 with a crew of 2-3 (depending on the time of day), and easily made our $500 budget look like $5,000 with his talents.

I haven’t been on my own set since Into The Cold and I missed it so much. That was last August. Nine months is too long. I need to make something at least every three months, how about that? At least until this RSB feature gets going, then I’ll gladly spend the year of my life making that thang.

Post-production began today – this morning, actually. I got up early and Assistant Editor’ed, organizing the footage in the Avid for my editor, Juliette, aka, my WIFE. I can’t wait to get a rough assembly going soon. We should have something proper for my award-winning master of music, Mike, aka my BRO, to have a look and get started in early June. Music is a big part of this piece and will really nail the tone and make this a festival-audience pleaser!

Meanwhile, Juliette and I are headed to Cannes Film Festival next week and I couldn’t be more excited!