Up With The Dates

Well that was a nice little break from this ol’ soapbox. Glady I can say that it was because I was swamped with my own work, my own development, my own betterment. Seems every free moment I’ve had the past month has been pushing Ready, Set, Bad! to that seemingly unreachable next step: financing.

I spent a few weeks polishing the script, and by polish I mean more rewriting every single scene from head to toe. Some scenes and characters were lost, some new scenes and characters added, and by and large I feel it’s as good as it is going to get at this stage before actors would come on board and make it their own.

After I wrapped that up, I sent it out to a bunch of competitions and a few festivals in a flurry (they all seem to be due in April), and then wrote a spin-off/episode/origin story on a couple of the homeschooled runners. And THAT, my friends, will bring us up to date.

The spin-off is called The Benjamin & Shoops Saga and gives the backstory on his super-weirdo crush on his homeschooled neighbor and how they ended up joining the cross country team, or, rather, how Benjamin stalked his way onto the team because she was running and it turned out they needed more boy runners so he stuck around.

No Paul Runyan in that one, but I am glad to have already cast these two: Matthew Boehm and Kate Dauphin, both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of directing already in Paranormal World: Episode 2.

We are set to shoot on May the 4th, so we should have just enough time to pull together crew, locations, costumes, and props, what little of it there is. It was by design written with a zero budget in mind, shooting with natural light during the day in just a couple locations. Keep it simple when you have no money! I should come out of this one with just buying lunch and tossing a few bones to the cast and crew for their one day’s work.

What else? Juliette and I are going to France next month for Cannes Film Festival, that’s what! We got passes as “professional filmmakers” and will be taking in the glorious coast of the French Riviera with all the other millionaires premiering their latest works of art. Spectacular!

See you around.