Loney, An Animated Pseudoshort

LONEY is a short story about a bridge troll who might not be cut out for bridge trolling. I’ve had it sitting around for a few years now, always really liked it, and want to make it. It’s a prequel of sorts to a feature script I wrote, a kid’s fantasy adventure.

I thought it’d be fun to do live-action, but then Where The Wild Things Are came out and killed any charm or originality that “real-life monsters with kids in the woods” might have. If I made this now with practical costumes and effects, it would just be, “Oh, you saw WTWTA and copied it?” when in reality I wrote this before Spike Jonze’ great looking, sad movie came out.

Anyway, that’s beside the point now. Because I’m going to make this Pseudobook’s first animated movie. Call me crazy.

I’ve been sketching Loney all week, trying to get a good look. The above clip is one of my attempts. Obviously this is not some master illustrator at work here. The extent of my drawing experience is:

  1. Really into it as a kid with lots of book studying
  2. Doodled off and on a lot since then
  3. A couple of weeks crash coursing in cartooning last year
  4. Illustrated half of The Pseudobook, a self-published ebook available now! last winter.

The above was thrown together in Photoshop. I don’t plan on getting crazy with 3D programs like Maya or Blender or anything. I see it as a 2D world with faux-3D depth. More like a stage play with film camera placement.

Obviously animating an 8-minute short film is a daunting task, and I probably need a lot of help. I have no idea what I’m doing.

For now, I’m going to keep working on my three main characters, and then go from there. If anyone out there has any guidance with how to proceed, feel free to let me know. I should probably get a real artist involved…