Back from Holidaze; Get to Work!

Had a wonderful holiday in San Diego with 75% of the Edwards clan. Had grand ideas of Pseudobook podcasting again, breaking down my new script with sibs/parents input, editing episode 2 of Paranormal World, etc.

But none of that happened. And that’s okay. We played games, watched movies, enjoyed family, life, and love a bunch, shot some H-O-R-S-E hoops and took in some deep yoga breaths in the backyard San Diego sun! All were much needed.

Back in LA now, and back at work. Really feeling the push of my next script on my soul. Keep having dreams about some of the characters, too. Need to start putting pen to paper as it all starts bubbling to the surface. I’d like to make it in 2013 in time for a Sundance premiere in 2014. A guy’s gotta dream…