Into The Cold; Paranormal World #2

I was glad to get back in the directing chair for this one, my first real gig in a couple years! I think it turned out pretty nice, especially considering it was shot in one day on mere crumbs of a budget.

We had some really great talent on board for costumes and design, the actors were all pros, and Leslie Andrew Ridings (Producer, Cinematographer) was MVP, a fantastic collaborator.

Last weekend I directed the 2nd episode of Paranormal World, and was happy to work with Leslie again, as well as a team of 6 new actors (to me). It was another fun, rushed 1-day shoot. I’m getting my wife Juliette to edit it with me the next couple weeks in Avid. I’m a lifelong FCP guy, but I just learned Avid the past month and want to try it out!

Meanwhile, I’ve been breaking down my next screenplay, and am anxious to get writing again. I’ve also got another short film I’d like to get directing before the holiday break. Stay busy, keep creating, never stop!